What’s in My Gym Bag + My Current Essentials

I’ve recently gotten back into my fitness journey (full story to come about this in another blog post), and thought a fun blog post to do to kick off this journey that I’ll be sharing with you overtime here on SPARKLE on darling, would be to firstly share with you what’s in my gym bag right now.

When I go to the gym before work during the week I need to take a lot more with me than if I were to go on the weekend, when I would really only need a towel and a water bottle. So, I invested in a large gym bag which now allows me to take with me all of my essentials that enable me to workout, have a shower and get ready all at the gym without the need to go home before I head to the train station.

I’m a lover of creature comforts, so in order for me to want to get ready at the gym I pack everything I would use if I were to get ready at home of a morning. I don’t often wear makeup during the week though so lucky for me I don’t have to pack any of that, but I have packed everything else!

These are my current gym bag essentials..

  • gym bag by Lorna Jane (honestly it is by far my favourite gym/overnight/travel bag I’ve ever owned. I love all of the different compartments, and it also has two large zippable seperate compartments either side to put your worn gym gear in, which is seriously amazing if you got your sweat on!)

Workout essentials..

  • full size towel by Lorna Jane
  • wireless headphones by BOSE
  • water bottle by Lorna Jane
  • training gloves by Harbinger

Gym bathroom essentials..

  • cleanser + moisteriser with pouch by Onne Beauty (travel size)
  • bodywash, shampoo + conditioner by Nature’s Organics (I found these super cute silicone travel tubes from Priceline for my shower products so I don’t have to take my full size products with me, and they are unreal – spill free too)
  • loofah
  • bath towel
  • deodorant

Post workout essentials..

  • small protein shaker (with a scoop of protein in it on the day, then I fill it up with chilled water from the gym and shake it up before I leave)

Of course I also have with me in my gym bag my entire work outfit for the day, which isn’t pictured here, but would include my lingerie, outfit and shoes.

I hope you enjoyed this little peak into what’s currently in my gym bag. Do you use a gym bag? If so, comment below what your essentials are and how you keep them. I love new ideas and learning how other people go about their daily life.

All my love,

4 thoughts on “What’s in My Gym Bag + My Current Essentials

    1. I have a protein shake (natural and plant based protein) within 20 minutes of my workout, usually when I’m driving from the gym. I find this really helps settle my tummy so I can make better choices later on. Otherwise my go to post workout snack if I’m on the go would be simply a banana. If you can blend a smoothie the night before or before you leave in the morning that’s a great snack to pack as well (you can always add in some rolled oats before you blend to keep you fuller for longer).
      Clo X

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    1. I do indeed use a natural deodorant, and have been for about a year now and love it. Though I find it does take your body time to get use to it, which sounds weird, but I feel like my body has adapted better overtime when it comes to masking odour with natural products.
      As for which ones I’ve used, I’ve only tried out two different ones so far, one from Coles and one from Woolies which may sound surprising that I found them there first, but I did. The first one I tried was by the brand http://myauraorganics.com which was like a cream/paste consistency – I found this a little hard to get use to, but it was beautiful, and the second one I tried which is the one I’m currently still using and is pictured above is by the brand https://www.bodycrystal.com.au and is more like your conventional deodorants being a simple roll on blend, which I find a lot easier to use and great for when you are on the go. Though I do believe that the cream/paste deodorants may be a little ‘more natural’.
      Hope this helps.
      Clo X


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