Restarting My Fitness Journey (Again)

Over the years my fitness has had many highs and many lows. I’ve gone from not exercising at all, to exercising 2 hours a night – 6 days a week, never running, to running 7km’s every morning, giving it up completely, to joining a gym, cancelling my membership, joining another gym, cancelling again, I’m sure you get what I’m getting at, my fitness journey for years has been all over the shop, I’ve never stuck at my fitness for more than a year at a time without giving up on it in between. I love it when I’m really into it, but I’ve never felt like I’ve been doing it for the right reasons, until now.

So this year I’ve reevaluated my ‘why’ and come at my life, my health, my fitness, from a completely different angle, the angle of.. for pure enjoyment and for the love of it, not for change or to escape.

At the beginning of this year I didn’t set myself any crazy exercise goals like I usually would, I simply said to myself that I’d like to do more yoga, and that I’ve done. I didn’t put pressure on myself to do all the things, just one thing, and I’ve been doing it and purely for the love of it. I’ve done numerous yoga classes now and the benefits have been beyond what I could have ever imagined, inside and out, and I feel like the enjoyment I’ve gotten out of each and every class has been so incredible that I might actually continue it throughout the year, for the rest of the year, for the first time during my on and off yoga journey.

Recently I had this urge to join a gym (again), this is my fourth gym. So I did it, but this time with zero expectation on myself, no pressure to go every single day and push myself to my limits. Instead, I’ve been seeing a personal trainer once a week to find my rhythm again, learn new things and simply enjoy the practice of working out, and I’ve been having the time of my life going just once a week. You may think what is the point of working out once a week at a gym, well if you are physique focussed, probably not a lot, but from my very first personal training session I said to my trainer and myself that I’m just here to maintain my health and have fun, that whatever else happens because of it is a bonus. I’ve been going now for 4 weeks and can already feel and see small differences, though again that’s not why I’m doing it, it’s an incredible thing to see differences even without the pressure of exercising day after day. I’ve learnt that your body responds better when it’s loved.

I’ve come a long way from exercising 2 hours a night – 6 days a week (ridiculous right?) and it becoming a chore, to be at a point now where I’m bouncing out of bed at 5am because I cannot wait to train blows my mind. I do plan on adding at least 2 more sessions in of my own per week gradually when I regain my strength and am feeling up to it, but right now, my body is absolutely loving my little routine of yoga and strength training, and so am I.

When I stopped putting pressure on myself, comparing myself, and focusing on particular goals, I finally found enjoyment, I finally found love for my fitness journey. It’s taken me years of highs and lows throughout it, but I finally feel like I’ve found my happy place within my body, within my health and within my fitness. I no longer train from a place of change, I’m doing it because I love my body, because I want to still be healthy in 20 years time, not just because I want to be ripped in 12 weeks time.

Everyone is on a different journey, and this is simply mine and the path I’ve chosen that works for me. Just know that there is no right or wrong, what matters is doing what is right for you and what works for you at this very given time in your life (and this could be completely different to what you even did yesterday). Be proud of yourself no matter where you are at, and if you aren’t finding enjoyment and love in what you are doing, take a step back, maybe it’s time to do something differently, just make sure it’s for you because that’s when the magic happens.

All my love,

16 thoughts on “Restarting My Fitness Journey (Again)

    1. Thank you so much.
      That makes me so happy that I’ve inspired you with this blog post. Enjoy your practice and relish in how good it is for your body, your body will be so thankful.
      Thank you, you too.
      Clo X


  1. Yoga and going to the gym is a great fitness combo. Even more important is that you are doing it for the right reasons. Keep going! You have motivated me to go to a yoga class tomorrow. I haven’t been there for a while. Thanks!

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    1. Isn’t it? Yoga makes such a difference when it comes to stretching out your body properly after other exercise, and regularly. Absolutely, and unfortunately doing it for the right reasons isn’t something, myself included, that we work out until we do it for the wrong reasons first, but that’s how we learn what really works for us and what doesn’t, we need to fall sometimes first in order for us to become better.
      That makes me so happy that you found motivation within this blog post. I hope you enjoyed your yoga class.
      Clo X

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  2. Was so lovely to meet and chat with you at yoga this morning Chloe! We are both in our late 50s and discovered yoga about 18 months ago. We love it and feel that it has helped us in so many ways. It has become part of our weekly routine which enables us to take a break from our busy lives, focus and do something we enjoy. Ro

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    1. It was so lovely to meet and chat with you too.
      That is so inspiring that you have found such a love for yoga like you have. It’s never too late to try something new, and it really is life changing isn’t it. Good on you for doing something entirely for you, you deserve it, and I’m sure long term your body will be forever thankful and grateful for it becoming a regular part of your journey.
      Looking forward to crossing paths with you both again someday (maybe even at yoga).
      Clo X


  3. Hi Clo, I’m a new lifestyle blogger looking through different posts on here when I stumbled across your blog. You have so many inspiring posts/topics! As a fitness junkie and certified strength and conditioning coach, I loved your fitness journey post. I preach time and time again you should find what you enjoy, and it looks like you have. Congrats 🙂

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    1. Welcome to the world of blogging (lifestyle blogging at that – which is clearly my favourite niche). I’m so glad that you found my little blog and touched base with me with all of your kind words, I love connecting with new faces around here.
      That means a lot to me that you loved this post, especially as qualified as you are. Absolutely, finding what you enjoy is the best kind of treasure, priceless in fact. Thank you so much.
      Clo X


  4. All the best on your fitness lifestyle.. I love how you changed your mindset into thinking differently. Just that alone helped me with loving fitness and getting closer to my weight loss journey. Now I make working out a lifestyle.

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    1. Thank you so much for your support.
      I’m glad that struck a note with you, as it’s really been life changing for me too. So much about success in life is about your mindset, your perspective. I love that, exercise should be simply a part of life, not a chore or a thing on your to-do list. How blessed so many of us are to have the choice to exercise in the first place.
      Clo X

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      1. Exactly I totally agree with you on that. I have the same mindset as you when it comes to fitness. We are beyond blessed to be able to have such a choice. And your welcome 😊😊

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