Copywriting for Business Workshop Presented by Real Women Co

On Wednesday, 29 August 2018, I attended one of Real Women Co’s Women in Business workshops, which was Copywriting for Business. I had recently attended another (read it here ‘Digital Marketing Workshop Presented by Real Women Co‘) and absolutely loved it, I was totally in my element at that event, so as soon as one of their Women in Business series workshops tickled my blogging fancy I was all over that early bird Real Women Co member ticket.

This workshop was held at a different location to the previous one I attended. The location was the divine Newstead Studios in Newstead, Brisbane. I arrived to the event about a half hour early as I went straight after work. The sun was beginning to set which made these studios absolutely sparkle from the outside in. I could not wait to go inside and be amongst this beautiful, inspiring space. From the lighting, to the wall creeping plants, once I was inside I was totally in love.

The workshop was based at the front of the studios, in a gorgeously lit space, conference style again with chairs laid out and run alongside a powerpoint style presentation to accompany the content by the guest speaker.

On our chairs we were gifted a Real Women Co tote bag, mine said ‘Hustle’ which I absolutely love, a Real Women Co notepad and pen to use throughout the workshop and water because when you attend a workshop like this, with a bunch of inspiring and motivated women, you talk, a lot (I do anyway – and I did).

The guest speaker for the workshop was..

  • Anita – founder of Wordfetti (@wordfetti)

Anita absolutely blew this workshop out of the water (or ink if we want to get wordy). She came with passion and an abundance of knowledge to share with us, including some of her personal copywriting secrets not yet shared which was extremely saucy (secret sauce she called it).

Anita started Wordfetti whilst still in the corporate world, and has since left the corporate field to follow her side hustle full time. Wordfetti is a Copywriting Haus focussed on copywriting, creating brands personal stories, helping businesses with their content strategy, workshops like this and so much more.

If you would like to learn more about Anita and her absolutely flourishing copywriting child Wordfetti, you can do so through their website with all of their links to all of the things

Partway through we were treated to a platter courteous of Miss Bliss Wholefoods, and as usual with anything by Miss Bliss it did not disappoint the tastebuds. It was also a fun way of gathering and networking as we nourished together around it mid workshop.

My favourite key takeaways from the event were..

  • Copywriting humanises your brand and creates your brand identity, establishes your audience connection and above all makes you stand out
  • There is a big difference between ‘good’ copy and ‘great’ copy, GOOD copy might establish: product features/benefits, your qualifications > GREAT copy will establish: feel, value, what you have to offer (off paper)
  • Stop following the ‘crowd’ to establish your version of copy, focus on your brand and audience
  • Words have a lot of power to create anything you want if used well
  • Successful copy is audience driven, not self driven
  • Copy shouldn’t just establish what, go deeper into the how and why, people love a personal story
  • “When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.” – Dale Carnegie

Anita was an absolute pleasure to listen to, learn from and meet. I look forward to connecting again in the future. On the night I also met and connected with a few other likeminded women with big dreams, sparkly passion projects and #BOSSbabe attitudes. When you put yourself out there, you never know who you will meet, which is why I love attending workshops because most likely you will leave with not only knowledge, but new friends and connections to help your dreams flourish too.

Thank you so much once again to the founders of Real Women Co, Jacqui (@therealmissbliss) and Katherine (@kbsugarfree). Katherine hosted this event on her own this time and was an absolute shining star at it as always.

If you would like to know more about Real Women Co or are interested in attending the next Women in Business workshop you can learn more at..

Instagram @realwomenco


I have said it before and I will say it again, I am so thankful and grateful to have the opportunity to attend events like this and get my baby, my passion project, SPARKLE on darling out there into the world, more and more, little by little in such a personal way. Never doubt the power behind sharing your story and the souls who you tell it to, you never know what it could mean for your journey in the future.

All my love,


Digital Marketing Workshop Presented by Real Women Co

On Sunday, 18 March 2018, I attended Real Women Co’s first ever workshop of their Women in Business series which was Digital Marketing. Being an online entrepreneur and having a lot of what I do revolve around digital marketing myself and everything I produce, as soon as I received the Real Women Co member email regarding this workshop I was all over the early bird ticket the day of release, there was no way I was going to miss out on an opportunity to learn, nourish and network around something that I am so passionate about.

The morning of I arrived nice and early and made my way through the doors taking photos of everything that caught my eye. This was the first event that I have attended introducing myself first as a ‘Lifestyle Blogger’. On arrival we had to make little name tags, on which I wrote on mine that my hustle was Lifestyle Blogger.. my heart burst in this moment, I was owning my path, part of my truth. The best part about it was everyone I met opened their arms to me and couldn’t wait to hear about what I blogged about and then more about my blog. It was so nice for once to actually choose how I define myself off paper, away from my 9 to 5, away from my age, away from my past. The event hadn’t even officially started and already I was totally in my element.

After we signed in and organised our name tags, we were greeted with a nourishing breakfast spread to kickstart our morning before we gathered to listen and learn. This consisted of granola, coconut yogurt, fresh fruit, freshly brewed coffee (I was in heaven) and so much more.

The guest speakers for the event were..

  • Katie Mulherin – cofounder of Duo Pr (
  • Sophia Aarons – freelance photographer (@sophiaaarons.creative)
  • Sophie Wright and Natalia Kants – digital content executives for P4 Group (@p4group)
  • Sarah Timmerman – CEO and founder of Beginning Boutique (@saraht_bb)
  • Kayla Boyd – social influencer (@kaylaboyd_)

Their presentations were held throughout the morning with a break for lunch and then followed on throughout the afternoon with a small break for afternoon tea. For lunch we were blessed with even more nourishing food, a DIY ‘nourish bowl’ spread. Now this, this was incredible. Having the opportunity to put together a nourish bowl with everything you could think of is my kind of perfect lunch (and check out the beautiful celebration cake which we had for afternoon tea – wow). I followed up my lunch by making a warming turmeric superfood latte on almond milk to keep me grounded yet energised for the rest of the afternoon.

My favourite key takeaways from the event were..

  • analytics and insights are one of the major keys to digital marketing success
  • when doing a photo shoot make a run sheet (I am definitely doing this for my next photo shoot)
  • know your audience, your goals and your budget when it comes to absolutely everything you do
  • true success takes time and persistence
  • ‘Stay in your lane and do what you do.’ – Kayla Boyd

There was a competition running throughout the day with 3 prizes to be one, all you had to do was get a little creative by posting a photo of the event during the event, and guess who won third prize. I was absolutely blown away to be chosen for the photo I posted (made me think once again that I continue to doubt myself more than I should).

I won this divine magnesium pack from @thebasecollective. So grateful (shout out to Sophia Aarons for telling me I ticked all the photography boxes and absolutely making my day). At the end of the event we got to say our thank you’s and our goodbyes, and also all left with the most amazing goodie bag.

Thank you so much to the founders of Real Women Co who were also hosts of this event, Jacqui (@therealmissbliss) and Katherine (@kbsugarfree), you two are total game changers, thank you for everything. I’m so proud to be a member of something so empowering.

It’s safe to say that this event was everything to me. I most definitely did learn, nourish and network my heart and soul out throughout the entire day. I went to this event totally alone, which can be scary, but it’s always worth the challenge and the growth. I ended up meeting so many beautiful, like-minded, supportive women that opened their arms and hearts to me as soon as we met, of whom I cannot wait to connect and spend more time with in the future.

If you would like to know more about Real Women Co or are interested in attending the next Women in Business workshop you can learn more at..

Instagram @realwomenco


I am so grateful to have opportunities like this because of my passion project, this blog. This event will be up there on my list as one of my favourite experiences of being a blogger, I’ll never forget heading out into the world for the first time as a true ‘Lifestyle Blogger’ – business cards in hand. It still makes my heart burst when I say I’m a blogger out loud rather than just write about it, because I am, it’s what I’m passionate about, it’s what sets my soul on fire, and I’m owning it. I would never have had the confidence to attend an event like this as a blogger without you though, my sparkling readers.. so thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your support, you are helping me build a future I didn’t even know I could.

All my love,


The Finders Keepers 2017 + What I Found and Kept

The Finders Keepers is an Australian art and design market by creatives, made for lovers of unique handmade treasures and beautiful things. I love supporting small businesses and independent artists, makers and designers, and so I have always wanted to attend this event, this year I made it happen.

This years event is held over 3 days, holding their first Friday night market. On Saturday, 11 November 2017 with my beautiful friend I visited the Brisbane market at the Brisbane Showgrounds. With a two dollar entry and lots of parking, it was such a relaxing Saturday morning heading into the city for a cheeky browse of these vibrant markets. There was also a line up of foodie trucks and stalls on the way in if you fancied a bite to eat throughout your stroll, and a coffee of course.

The crowd on the day was beyond amazing to see, my heart melted for the creatives standing behind their stalls, smiling and so, so proud of their creations. Not to mention they were all so friendly and were bursting to talk about what they were selling and the story behind it. I absolutely love seeing people get behind businesses that just ooze heart and soul. The Finders Keepers is not only a great place to meet the faces behind the product, but also the perfect event to get some Christmas shopping done, or if you are anything like me, treat yo’ self, because darling you deserve it.

With so much to look at and choose from (over 200 stalls!), I narrowed what I really loved down to three small pieces, but I did meet the faces behind some of my favourite brands of which I wore on the day because I’m a total fan girl like that (I’m looking at you beautiful souls behind Once was Lost), and picked up loads of business cards from some of the brands that really caught my eye. I will be holding onto these and checking them out again in the future. I will share them below so you can find them too.

Want to know what I found and kept at The Finders Keepers? Read on..

‘paper boat press’

My first purchase..

This little handmade ceramic ornament by paper boat press was too special to leave behind. I love Christmas and for obvious reasons I LOVE ‘SPARKLE’, so this was a must take home treasure for me. This piece will definitely be featured throughout my blog and Instagram photos over the Christmas season this year.

You can find paper boat press at..

Instagram @paperboatpress 



My second purchase..

I’m not going to lie, this was a deliberate purchase as I had been looking for a super cute accessory to put on my black Prene Bag, and as soon as I saw this I fell in love. This piece I fell in love with even more when I learnt from the maker that she used up all of her scrap material from her other pieces to make them, oh and it was the last one so there really was no hesitation. I have now added it to my Prene Bag and I am absolutely smitten, it pops on the black.

Shoutout to the beautiful soul behind INKLING too for chatting with me and then allowing me to be a total blogger and take photos closely of your stall. I’m still a newbie to the blogging world, so I’m so thankful and grateful for your kindness when I asked if it was okay.

You can find INKLING at..




My third purchase..

I fell in love with these beautiful accessories when I first walked past the stall. We did an entire walk around of the event and then I went back and purchased the pieces I was still thinking about, and this was definitely one of them. Chic, sparkly and these colours will go with so much. I love putting on a statement piece along with my everyday jewellery, especially one of a kind. That’s the beauty in handmade, you are wearing something unique and I love that.

You can find CIRKUS CHARM at..

Instagram @cirkuscharm


On entry they also gave you your own keepsake ticket (super cute!) and a booklet holding all of the details of the event, including a list and a map with the layout of the stalls. You can’t get more organised than that. There is also a free ‘The Finders Keepers’ app, which I used to figure out the stalls I wanted to go to before the day. You can also favourite and mark the ones you have seen on there as well, super handy and of course if you want to go paperless.

The other stalls that really caught my eye and those that I took a business card from were The Candle Library, organics for lily, renee loves frances, doops designs, ingo, BONNIE HISLOP and core.

If you would like to keep up to date and visit the next The Finders Keepers market you can find them at..

Instagram @finders_keepers


P.S. If you are in Sydney the last market for 2017 is on from the 8th to the 10th of December at The Cutaway, Barangaroo Reserve.

This was The Finders Keepers 10th Anniversary event, and if this is anything to go by I am literally bursting to attend 2018 already. I can’t wait to find and keep some more sparkly treasures.

All my love,

Launch Brunch for SPARKLE on darling

On Saturday, 15 July 2017 a few special souls and I got together to drink coffee, eat wholesome food and celebrate dreams and passions, my blog launch being one of them.

I thought about how I would celebrate the launch of my sparkling new blog for a while, I had lots of big ideas, but for me these days I really treasure the simple pleasures in life, like simply enjoying a beautiful coffee with some beautiful souls, so that’s exactly what I did.

For the venue I chose Miss Bliss Wholefoods Kitchen in West End, one of my most favourite health and wellness driven cafes in Brisbane. I always leave feeling so happy and content, it’s a must try if you haven’t already.

I love the space, the vibe and of course the coffee and the food. Oh, the food..

After we left I realised we actually didn’t get into deep conversation about my blog as such, which I was more than ok with, because we spoke mostly about each other’s dreams and passions, we celebrated each other’s achievements and our past and future endeavours, and that made me so incredibly happy. SPARKLE on darling I hope one day to become a community where like minded souls can connect and share their stories, goals and plans (yes, I’m dreaming big!).

For each of the beautiful souls that came I had a little gift that I personally put together to say thank you, for supporting me and for sharing their own SPARKLE in this world. I wanted them to know how much they mean to me and how grateful I was for everything they have done for me throughout my journey.

I cannot wait to host another event in the future (events even). Who knows where my big wild heart will take me. One thing I know for sure is.. the best is yet to come. So grateful..

All my love,